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30-Day Hair Growth E-Book

30-Day Hair Growth E-Book

 (1777+ Reviews)
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  • Regrow Hair In 4-12 weeks!
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30-Day Hair Growth E-Book

 (1777+ Reviews)




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    • Month 0: Your Transformation Begins.

      Apply the serum daily, 20 minutes before you shower. Make sure to massage the serum into your scalp. You can also mix the serum with your favorite conditioner if you use them daily.

    • Month 3: Baby Hairs Start Sprouting.

      After 12 weeks, you will notice thicker, darker hairs, and baby hairs sprouting in your corners. The DHT blockers and proven nutrients are working!

    • Month 6: Dying Follicles Turn Into Strong, Healthy Hair.

      At this point, you will see thicker, darker hair and regrowth in your problem areas. Make sure to take before and after pictures to see your results, since everyone's transformation is unique. Make sure to order another 3-6 month supply to keep your results going long term!

      • 1. Prevent MORE Hair Loss.

        Our DHT Blockers (Saw Palmetto) Prevent Further Genetic & Hormone Related Hair Loss.

      • 2. Regrow Your LOST Hair.

        Bloom+ Contains Argan Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Black Castor Oil, & 10 More Clinically Proven Ingredients To Regrow Your Hair.

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        3. Grow Thicker, Longer Hair In Just Weeks.

        BLOOM+ Users Saw a 30%+ Increase In New Hair Growth After Just 12 Weeks, Along With Less Hair-Fall.

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        "My Friends Thought I Was Wearing A Wig!" 😳

        Unlike other products that only provide temporary results or don't work at all, our serum is packed with powerful, science-backed ingredients that target the root of the problem, for sustained, lasting growth.

        Balding? Thinning? Hair Fall? Solved. ✔️

        Our super-serum uses the power of science and over 44+ clinical studies, to fix your hair loss once and for all. BLOOM+ gives your confidence back. Works for all ages and genetic hair types!

        How To Use BLOOM+ 👇

        1) After your shower, dry your hair and apply the serum with your fingertips to the problem areas.

        2) Massage the serum into the area for 10-20 seconds.

        3) Use Bloom+ on your hairline, scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, or even your facial hair (for men).

        4) Use daily for best results. Best results come after 3-6 months of use. (this is why most people buy 3-6 bottles)


        How We Compare To Other Products

        We had 3rd party's test us vs. other top products on the market.


        Works For All Hair Types

        Hair Growth In 12 Weeks

        Results-Based Guarantee

        12+ Scientifically Proven Ingredients


        BLOOM+ Statistics

        *We surveyed customers to see their results after 3-6 months of using BLOOM+*



        Saw baby hairs and new hair growth in under 12 weeks.


        Saw hair growth in spots where they had recent hereditary or stress related hair-loss.


        Noticed darker, stronger hairs in the first 2 weeks of using BLOOM+.


        Bought at least 3 more bottles after using BLOOM+ for 3 months.

        **Results may vary, independent survey.**


        Your Questions, Answered. 💕


        How long does it take to see results?

        BLOOM+ users usually start noticing improvements with BLOOM+ Hair Growth Serum after using it regularly for 4-12 weeks. Best results come after 4-6 Months of use. You can expect to see baby hairs, and darker, thicker hairs in the first month!


        What causes hair issues in women, and how does BLOOM+ help?

        Women can face hair challenges due to factors like stress, hormonal changes (like after having a baby), and even damage from styling, chemicals, or heat. BLOOM+ Hair Growth Serum is designed to tackle these issues and promote better hair health.


        Can I use BLOOM+ on my lashes and eyebrows?

        Yes! Bloom+ can be applied with your fingertips to both lashes and eyebrows. It regrows thicker, denser follicles. Eyebrows and eyelashes have a shorter growth speed, so expect 2x the time to see results for brows & lashes.


        How is BLOOM+ Hair Growth Serum different from other products?

        Other products do a few things wrong:

        - Lack of proven ingredients
        - No studies backing ingredients
        - Low active ingredient profiles (they use filler ingredients)
        - Plastic bottles with harmful micro-toxins

        BLOOM+ solves all these problems, and that's why we created it:

        It uses only proven ingredients backed by clinical studies, has the highest active ingredient profile in a stable, absorbable form, and uses glass painted bottles to protect your serum from light & micro-toxins.

        But best of all, BLOOM+ actually works for hair growth, regrowth, and thickness.


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