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BOOST+ Eyebrow & Lashes Growth Serum

BOOST+ Eyebrow & Lashes Growth Serum

 (1777+ Reviews)
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BOOST+ Eyebrow & Lashes Growth Serum

 (1777+ Reviews)




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    • Apply the serum daily, to the base of your eyelash follicles (just like applying eyeliner). You will start to notice growth in the first weeks.

    • After 12 weeks, you will notice thicker, darker eyelashes, they may start to curl due to the new length which your follicles aren't used to. (If this happens, you can get a lash lift to train those new hairs to straighten out)

    • Congrats on your new look! Your lashes are longer, darker, and will have sustained growth. (You can use the product less frequently after this point and still get good results.)


      How We Compare To Other Products

      We had 3rd party's test us vs. other top products on the market.


      Works For All Hair Types

      Hair Growth In 12 Weeks

      Results-Based Guarantee

      12+ Scientifically Proven Ingredients


      "My Friends Thought I Was Wearing False Lashes! 😊 "

      Unlike other products that only provide temporary results or don't work at all, our serum is packed with powerful, science-backed ingredients that target the root of the problem, for sustained, lasting growth.


      BOOST+ Statistics

      *We surveyed customers to see their results after 3-6 months of using BOOST+*



      Saw new eyelash growth in under 12 weeks.


      Reported their eyelashes becoming the longest they've ever been.


      Saw better results with BOOST+, vs. other eyelash growth products.


      Bought at least 3 more bottles after using BOOST+ for 3 months.

      **Results may vary, independent survey.**


      Your Questions, Answered. 💕


      How long does it take to see results?

      BOOST+ users usually start noticing improvements with BOOST+ Eyelash Serum after using it regularly for 4-12 weeks. Best results come after 4-6 Months of use. You can expect to see long, darker, thicker hairs in the first month!


      What causes short eyelashes, and how does BOOST+ help?

      Many women are genetically prone to have short lashes due to the amount of "follicle enzymes" in their lash root.

      These enzymes are genetic and can't be changed without using specific ingredients, and our serum targets the root and floods it with ingredients that increase bloodflow, enzyme production, and cell regeneration.

      The ingredients include 12+ scientifically proven ingredients, such as: Aqua, Glycerol, Pentylene Glycol, Hydroxyacetophenone, 1,2-Hexanediol, Carbomer, Arginine, Sodium Hyaluronate, Palmitoyl Tripeptide, Myristoyl Pentapeptide, Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1 and more.

      Each ingredient was carefully selected based on studies proving their efficacy on lash growth.

      Then, we formulated a blend which puts all 12 ingredients into a stable form, that can be absorbed to your follicle, unlike other products you may have tried.


      Can I use BOOST+ on my eyebrows too?

      Yes! Boost+ can be applied with the applicator, to both lashes and eyebrows. It regrows thicker, longer follicles. Eyebrows naturally have a shorter growth speed, so expect 2x the time to see results for eyebrows.


      How is BOOST+ Eyelash Growth Serum different from other products?

      Other products do a few things wrong:

      - Lack of proven ingredients
      - No studies backing ingredients
      - Low active ingredient profiles (they use filler ingredients)
      - Plastic bottles with harmful micro-toxins
      - Unstable formula that isn't absorbable into the follicle

      BOOST+ solves all these problems, and that's why we created it:

      It uses only proven ingredients backed by clinical studies, has the highest active ingredient profile in a stable, absorbable form, and uses glass painted bottles to protect your serum from light & micro-toxins.

      But best of all, BOOST+ actually works for eyelash growth, regrowth, and thickness- and you don't have to resort to harmful, expensive, prescription based products, which have side effects.


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 807 reviews
      andrea h.
      I am speechless.

      I love this product, it works very well with continued daily use over several months.

      It made my lashes so thick, full and long that I never go to get lash lifts and/or tints anymore (which are very expensive and take a long time).

      I’ve noticed that my lashes look very beautiful and full even without mascara, which is incredible.

      I hate using mascara since it rubs off and or you need to remove it at night. I feel more confident with my lashes bare and no mascara now (for the most part, at least when I’m hanging out at home).

      This product is cheap compared to others but i make 25k a year so its pricey for me, but not nearly as expensive as regular lash lift/tint appointments or false lash applications (whether at home or professional). I love the look of false lashes, but I can’t afford them, so this is the next best thing, plus I can do it from the comfort of my home.

      It’s improved my confidence and the way I feel about my “natural” makeup free look! I will be repurchasing for life. It really does work, visibly, and it’s noticeable by others as well.

      kelli m.
      100% worth ti!

      I;ve been using Latisse for years but seemed to be on a plateau as far as getting my lashes thicker, darker and longer...
      I switched to BOOST+ on the recommendation from my coworkers that sell Latisse in our office.
      Low and behold...after 3 days my lashes started getting thicker! What Latisse couldn't accomplish, Grande Lash could at a much lower price...
      I had some trouble at first and was poking myself in the eye, but I got the hang of it now...
      My only gripe, as a nurse, thinking of sterile technique when dealing with the eyes... is that you use the same brush and wand over and over again... inserting any germs back into the tube. . . to reapply for the next 6 weeks... No infection yet, but being cautious ... With Latisse you use a new sterile brush every time you apply.
      It's been about 4 weeks and there is a vast improvement in my lashes now. Very impressed with this product!...but a day after I wrote this I did get an eye infection...

      Good product

      I was really skeptical because I wasn’t sure it was the real product at that price. I can confirm it is and it works better than any lash serum I’ve ever used. I’m pleasantly surprised. If you’re a stubby lash girl/ guy just make the investment. Saw improvement after only 4 days. They have absolutely never looked like this in my life. I can’t say how long the tube lasts. But seems like a good amount in it.

      Cynthia M.
      suprised me

      I was very cynical but used properly this really works! cheap and worth it

      crazy results!!

      Um, this stuff is crazy crazy, I wasn't expecting much, and I have to admit feeling kind of foolish at the idea this might not work.
      Considering the price point, let's just say I had my fingers crossed!

      I thought I'd try it and specifically not tell anyone that I was using it, making sure whatever results were observed, they were natural and organic instead of people seeing and agreeing with my thoughts on it and only getting bias "proof".

      I used this as it recommended, one brush full across both lids, however, I used one brush full across the top and bottom lid and another brush full across the other top and bottom lid.
      After the first time I tried it, I found that if you have too much on the brush, it can leak into your eyes and cause some slight stinging, however it didn't last long nor did it leave any redness, itching or puffiness, the only other thing I noticed (again if I used too much) the next day there was a little bit of white crust in the corner of my eyes that wiped away quick and simple.

      I thought after about two weeks my lashes looked a little more full and thick, so I continued to use it daily and more or less forgot about it, it wasn't until about four or five weeks in when I was talking to my husband about something and He interjected almost forcibly how LONG and THICK my lashes were looking, He expressed it almost incredulously, then asked if I was wearing mascara or lash makeup because they looked so healthy and Beautiful!
      I was momentarily surprised and then remembered I'd been using this serum and couldn't help but smile thinking how cool it was that, not only was it working, but HE noticed it all on His own!

      If I were looking for proof positive this product works, I'd say having a significant other notice the desired effects unprovoked, is a pretty big deal.

      He has pointed it out more than a few times in the last few weeks each time saying how crazy long, thick and healthy they look and each time this has been without any additional eye makeup, mascara, lash curlers or anything else, just my bare naked eyes ;)

      I absolutely DO recommend this product and I wish I had the before and after pictures, considering my lashes have never really been thick or thin.... they just are, but when I say I can notice a difference from my profile view and I can even feel the length, like, they are tickling my cheeks and the corner of my eyelids because they are getting so much longer, so often lately I go to rub my eye carefully thinking I'm going to rub my eye makeup off until I remember it's not mascara making my eyes tickle it's my longer lashes tickling my lids!

      This stuff really really works!

      I don't know what people are used to spending on products like these, I know for myself this is a bit higher price than I want spend, but for the results, IT. IS. WORTH. IT!!!

      Five stars absolutely, this product works and I've even begun to use it in patchy spots on my brows and they are beginning to fill in!