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Liven up the atmosphere with Vital smart Rhythm LED lights

Enhance the Vibe and join 9,500+ others happy customers


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Make an average moment relaxing

Why feel bored oven long grindy works? Let your senses work in harmony and soothe your nerves.

  • 32 Colorful lamp beads
    Each LED strip contains 32 unique light beads, which all contains Red, Green, and Blue LEDs providing full color spectrum

  • On-board battery
    The device has a 300mAh rechargeable battery that allows your to use it anywhere. It is charged with an USB-C port.

  • Simplistic control
    The LED stick is controlled by 3 push buttons making it reasonably easy to configure

What our customers say

Some of the lovely words from our beloved customers

Perfect gift for the youngsters

Nowadays, youngsters can be into anything, music, gaming, and whatnot. rhythmic LED panel is such a tool that will pair well with almost anything they may be interested in. 

Not just for youngsters though, You can never go wrong gifting someone with a set of responsive rhythmic lights.

Try it today.

Much better than Blinking RGB

You thought RGB lighting is the cool? It was, but no more. Rhythmic LED panel is the new sexy. It performs significantly better than your average RGB lighting that starts blinking as soon as you power on.

Vital Rhythmic LED panel can hear what's happening in real time, and response accordingly. A set of responsive lights can improve your gaming experience significantly.

How does it work?

it's super simple, Really.


Place an order


Receive the delivery


Charge the device


Power it on

Still have questions?

Does it work in noisy environment?

Yes, it works in all environments, including noisy suuroundings. The on-board microphone is very sensitive and picks up almost any sound that you can hear. And the on-board processor filters out the ambient noise in real time, focusing on the intended sounds. 

You can enter learning mode and let it hear the ambient sounds for a few seconds. It will learn and filter out those noises. Refer to the guidebook for all the modes and controls.

Keep in mind, the device has a working range in which it works best.

Does it work with USB directly?

Yes, it can be plugged directly with a USB. In charging mode, it will not consume battery, and directly operate on source power. But the audio will still be picked up through the mic. 

Running directly through USB helps preserve charge and elongate battery life.

How long does delivery take?

Currently shipping is taking about 7-14 business days for customers in the US. Processing takes 1- 4 days as well. We ship weekend orders out on Monday. This is subject to change slightly if USPS has delays (like they did last year).

No worries though! Our support team is attentive and will keep you updated on the status of your order with live tracking. If you don't receive your order within 4 weeks we will provide a full refund. We take good care of our customers, always. :)