BLOOM+ Statistics

*We surveyed customers to see their results after 3-6 months of using BLOOM+*

Results :


Saw baby hairs and new hair growth in under 12 weeks.


Saw hair growth in spots where they had recent hereditary or stress related hair-loss.


Noticed darker, stronger hairs in the first 2 weeks of using BLOOM+.


Bought at least 3 more bottles after using BLOOM+ for 3 months.

**Results may vary, independent survey.**

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The BLOOM+ Guarantee

If you don't see results after 1 bottle, we will cover you! No questions asked, just ship us back your empty bottle for a refund.

How We Compare To Other Products

3rd party's tested us vs. other top products on the market.


Works For All Hair Types

Hair Growth In 12 Weeks

Results-Based Guarantee

12+ Scientifically Proven Ingredients

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