What Makes Bloom+ hair growth products different than others?

The Bloom+ series is a science-first approach to combat hair loss and promote hair growth. Over 4 years of research and 300 clinical studies were used to support the ingredients used in our products. Our ingredient blend contains Vitamins, essential oils, and natural DHT blockers, which are all backed by clinical trials.

Plain and simple, Bloom+ products actually work in supporting hair growth while combating hair loss.

Bloom+ series products are backed by studies and real results, and not marketing ploys. We take pride in our products effectiveness, and offer a money-back guarantee for any customers who don't see real results in their first 6 months of using our product. 


What ingredients are used in the Bloom+ Growth Serum?

Our key ingredient blend includes Avocado oil, Argan oil, Biotin, Castor oil, Rosemary extract, and Saw Palmetto. To see the full list, click the link below.

See our full ingredients breakdown report here.


The Bloom+ Growth Serum is sold out. When will it be available again?

Our serum has sold out 3 times since our soft launch in November 2022. Usually, drops last only a few days before we run out, but we typically restock within 4-6 weeks. 

The reason why there are so many stock delays is that we create our serums with active ingredient blends that are hard and expensive to source, and have a very rigorous production process. As we continue to grow, we expect production to speed up and stay in stock longer. For the fastest updates on restocks, promotions, and new products, please subscribe to our email and SMS newsletters.


How long does shipping take in the USA?

Currently, our shipping times are 9-14 business days within the USA. As we grow, shipping times will continue to drop. 

Since our product production cost is very high, we currently cannot support overnight & 3-5 day shipping, but this is subject to change in the coming months, as we are still a very small business.

We promise to get your serum in your hands as fast as we possibly can! Our support is here to help with your order anytime at the following email: